Published 02/10/19

Sense and the city

Marcus Grant is told there is no evidence that design and layout improve the health of neighbourhoods. He and others, however,…

Published 24/06/19

The impact of walking in different urban environments on brain activity in older people

Walking in different urban environments impacts the brain activity of older adults For the attention of: City planners, local councils, general…

Published 18/06/19

The experience of living in an age-friendly community

We need to recognize that external factors can compromise age-friendly environments and better anticipate those who face greatest risk, before…

Published 18/06/19

Bringing children’s perspective into the local planning agenda through visible co-design actions in public space

Co-design as a public hearing for children; to enable children without ‘voice’ in public design to be heard. The making…

Published 13/06/19

Where globalisation and informality meet

What happens when you mix a growing, modern airport and an informal settlement? For the attention of: Urban planners, community activists,…

Published 13/06/19

Public health sector adaptation to climate change in Florida

How do we protect public health while navigating barriers to climate change adaptation? Lessons learned from the Sunshine State For…

Chalk marks of children's play in public space. Hop scotch etc drawn on to the pavement and road.

Published 14/04/19

Reclaiming spaces: Child inclusive urban design

Creating cities for children is creating cities for all. For the attention of: European Child in the City, Municipality of Eindhoven,…

Urban plaza with lots of people in Nottingham, England

Published 25/02/19

The intersection between built environment and behaviour change to improve adult health behaviours

Build it, they might run: Restructuring environments provides opportunity for physical activity but encouraging healthy living also needs social science’s insights…

Published 05/02/19

Reframing the index system for urban green space planning in China: for better public health

Human health must be recognized, in additional to ecological criteria in urban green space planning in China. Take note: Urban designers,…

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