Published 21/01/19

The role that landscape professionals can play in people’s and planetary health

It is five years since the publication of the Landscape Institutes’s position paper on public health, which was commissioned to…

Children having fun

Published 11/01/19

Evaluation of a municipality’s free play preschool and space

An innovative methodological approach to evaluate the impact of a free play space on children’s play. For the attention of:…

Published 02/01/19

Designing cities with a focus on wellbeing and health

Urban environments in cities and city regions hold the key to population health and affordable health services. In 2016, I…

Published 20/12/18

Flexible futures: Children’s agency on the adventure playground

Flexibility promotes agency and is needed for the future of adventure playgrounds and cities. Take note: Play advocates, youth workers, policy…

Published 19/12/18

Can where you live influence your risk factors for chronic disease? Looking at neighbourhood risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Do you live a high-risk community? Snapshots of more than 2000 Canadian neighbourhoods For attention of:  City planners and developers, The…

Published 18/12/18

Nowhere to play? Insights from social media demonstrate the limitless possibilities for city play!

City play: How teens can and do transform public space in cities  Take note: Urban planners, community program leaders, youth…

Published 10/12/18

Can the World Health Organization’s Urban HEART tool be used to measure socio-spatial inequities beyond large metropolitan contexts?

WHO’s UrbanHEART was key to Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 plan to increase equity. But can this tool be used in smaller…

Food access scene using a busy shopping high street

Published 02/11/18

Food access in cities; making it healthy and equitable through better urban planning and governance

Urban planners, economists, health and community policymakers and practitioners share insights in a new study on creating healthy food environments…

Published 03/10/18

Bicycling infrastructure in Bogota: do we all have the same access?

Lack of “Ciclorutas” (bicycle lanes) in Bogota’s neighbourhoods of low socio economic status shows inequality in the access to active…

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