We all need to learn from research. The ‘City Know-how’ posts unlock lessons arising from the research published in the Cities & Health journal. Whatever your role, or interest, in cities, I hope you will find something stimulating, something of interest and maybe even something that you can put straight into practice.

Cities & Health is a journal dedicated to providing an innovative international platform for consolidating research and know-how for city development to support human health. The journal is committed to developing a shared evidence base and encouraging better communication between those involved with cities ‘on the ground’ and research communities.

As such the journal publishes papers and commentary from researchers and practitioners working to build new wisdom in supporting healthier cities for people and planet. You are invited to engage with, and help develop, Cities & Health through submitting commentary, views, case studies and research. You can find more information about Cities & Health here.

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Published 15/12/23

Can we improve food access for caregivers by expanding a nutrition program to a new grocery store?

Where do pediatric caregivers shop? Can we encourage more local food shopping by expanding a produce prescription program to a…

Published 05/12/23

Cohousing as a model for social health

Despite some evidence the physical design and social structure of cohousing promote social capital, further research into the social health…

Published 05/12/23

How can urban technologies support older people live in neighbourhoods and cities?

What existing technological devices are available to support older people in their neighbourhood and city environments as they age? Using…

Published 04/12/23

Involving residents’ perspectives in healthier redesign of post-war urban neighbourhoods

Post-war neighbourhoods in industrialised countries negatively affect some health choices for residents’ lifestyles. Redesign may help to facilitate more physical…

Published 04/12/23

Physical activity in outdoor spaces; factors impeding compliance with WHO physical activity guidelines

Complying with current physical activity recommendations can reduce the risk of mortality from cardiovascular diseases by 47% as well as…

Published 15/11/23

Built environment as well as cultural, religious, behavioral, and wealth factors impact participation of physical activity and sports

In megacity Karachi Pakistan, women and girls’ tendency of being overweight or obese is comparatively higher than men and boys….

Published 14/11/23

Water-gender-health nexus in human settlements in the Global South

Water quantity and quality are important for health. We used a gender lens analytical framework together with social justice theory…

Published 14/09/23

Tools to measure equity in blue and green space in your city

Priority populations experience unjust access to blue and green spaces in Canada and internationally. We examined which self-report and audit-based…

Published 14/09/23

Tools to measure equity in walkability and bikeability in your city

Priority populations experience unjust access to walkable and bikeable spaces in Canada and internationally. We examined which self-report and audit-based…

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