We all need to learn from research. The ‘City Know-how’ posts unlock lessons arising from the research published in the Cities & Health journal. Whatever your role, or interest, in cities, I hope you will find something stimulating, something of interest and maybe even something that you can put straight into practice.

Cities & Health is a journal dedicated to providing an innovative international platform for consolidating research and know-how for city development to support human health. The journal is committed to developing a shared evidence base and encouraging better communication between those involved with cities ‘on the ground’ and research communities.

As such the journal publishes papers and commentary from researchers and practitioners working to build new wisdom in supporting healthier cities for people and planet. You are invited to engage with, and help develop, Cities & Health through submitting commentary, views, case studies and research. You can find more information about Cities & Health here.

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Published 25/07/22

How do we make sustainable and healthy diets acceptable, appealing, and appropriate in local settings?

How can healthy, sustainable diets be accessible and appealing? We explore how Copenhagen residents navigate their food environments, what shapes…

Published 25/07/22

Exploring the design, quality and use of communal areas in apartment developments

Higher quality communal areas (including amenities/features such as greenery, pools, barbecues, seating and a ground floor location) were associated with…

Published 25/07/22

Using local health information to improve alcohol licensing decisions

Beyond the HALO effect! Including health in local alcohol license decisions is not just about a dedicated Health Associated Licensing…

Published 25/07/22

Communal area design in apartment buildings: Development and comparison of a desktop and on-the-ground landscape assessment tool

New analysis methods were assessed. The majority of audit tool items showed moderate/almost perfect reliability. The desktop method was a…

Published 25/07/22

Status of solid waste management policy implementation in Kenya

Solid waste production is rapidly increasing in Kenyan cities. However, the implementation of available policies to address the canker leaves…

Published 25/07/22

Health in human settlements: Experiences of intersectoral collaboration in Douala, Cameroon

Intersectoral collaboration is required to address urbanhealth and housing challenges in African cities. Lessons from urban stakeholders in Douala, Cameroon….

Published 24/07/22

Can crowdsourced data help us understand access to health-promoting programs in cities? A case study on Canadian cities.

Big data is valuable for understanding the spread of health-enabling resources in cities. But what happens when those resources are…

Published 24/07/22

Illegal firework activity and environmental sound levels: Community impacts and solutions

Learn how the City of Boston engages local researchers, community residents, and city officials to combat illegal firework activity. For…

Published 24/07/22

Housing instability and homelessness among older adults in Canada: experiencing precariousness while aging

Housing instability and homelessness among older adults in Canada: experiencing precariousness while aging. For the attention of: Municipal, provincial and…

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