We all need to learn from research. The ‘City Know-how’ posts unlock lessons arising from the research published in the Cities & Health journal. Whatever your role, or interest, in cities, I hope you will find something stimulating, something of interest and maybe even something that you can put straight into practice.

Cities & Health is a journal dedicated to providing an innovative international platform for consolidating research and know-how for city development to support human health. The journal is committed to developing a shared evidence base and encouraging better communication between those involved with cities ‘on the ground’ and research communities.

As such the journal publishes papers and commentary from researchers and practitioners working to build new wisdom in supporting healthier cities for people and planet. You are invited to engage with, and help develop, Cities & Health through submitting commentary, views, case studies and research. You can find more information about Cities & Health here.

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Published 14/06/20

Loss of green open space has implications for health and socio-economy in Akure, Nigeria

As urban populations grow, cities experience intense pressure to expand at their peripheries. For people’s health and economic vitality, land…

Published 13/06/20

A participatory approach to building a coalition of health and planning sector urban actors in Africa: a Douala case-study

Participatory approach to research-policy-civil society intersectoral partnerships that identify key urban challenges and solutions in Douala, Cameroon For the attention…

Published 10/06/20

Comparing walking environment in Madrid and Philadelphia using multiple sampling methods

We compared cross-city differences in the walking environment in Madrid and Philadelphia as a case study For the attention of: City…

Published 10/06/20

Bad architecture and poor planning are risk factors for tuberculosis

In resettlement colonies of Mumbai, tuberculosis is rapidly spreading due to the poor natural ventilation and sunlight access. This is…

Published 09/06/20

An evaluation of bringing public health into architecture education in England

Embedding public health experts into architecture training improved skills, knowledge and awareness amongst architects. A promising way to work towards…

Published 09/06/20

A new tool for understanding neighbourhood-level drivers that impact health

There are so many neighbourhood-level drivers that impact our health that making sense of all the data can be difficult. …

Published 07/04/20

Comparing worldwide health and wellbeing across six cities in three continents

Assessing global differences in health and wellbeing across multiple continents For the attention of: City planners, local councils, general public, environmental…

Published 01/04/20

Communities facing urban depopulation: exploring people’s environmental preferences. A case study of Lisbon, Portugal

Comparing the urban attributes that could halt urban depopulation. Friendly communities and quality green spaces might be the key for…

Published 10/01/20

Housing support to improve health and reduce service costs

A new model for care and intervention delivered through a housing and health partnership could lead to positive wellbeing outcomes…

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