There is a strong international movement for healthier cities with healthy city activity in almost all corners of the world.

With continuing urbanization ‘getting cities right’ for both human health, planetary health  and health equity is crucial.

But who needs to be involved in getting cities right for health? This won’t the preserve of hospitals and doctors. We need multiple cross-sector collaborations between public health professionals and all those (communities, practitioners, politicians, researchers and businesses) involved in city governance, design, planning and management.

For some in-depth reading material see:
Cities and health: an evolving global conversation
People, planet and participation: the Kuching statement on healthy, just and sustainable urban development

The posts in this category are an eclectic series of links and thoughts to stimulate and encourage those who want to make cities healthier.


Published 29/03/23

Cities & Health: Types of Contribution

Cities & Health is a journal dedicated both to crossing boundaries, be they disciplinary, geographic or professional, and also to…

Published 29/03/23

Call for Contributions: Urban renewal and health equity through resilience and regeneration

Special issue – Call for Contributions Urban renewal and health equity through resilience and regeneration Call now open on the journal site: Please click here Guest editor:…

Abandoned car as police statement decorated with weeds and graffiti

Published 16/05/22

Call for contributions. Healthy City Futures: A role for activists and activism?

Special issue: Call for contributions for the journal Cities & Health  Working Draft for comment (v1 16.05.22) Some of the greatest advances in urban health…

Published 08/06/18

Air Quality: Webinar and online WHO tool for assessing the health impacts of air pollution

Environment and health resources Air quality toolbox : A webpage with a range of material to support better air quality…

workers in safety jackets

Published 10/09/17

The health workforce

“The health workforce is the beating heart of any health system” Zsuzsanna Jakab Regional Director WHO EURO. Panorama September 2017….