Environment and health resources

Air quality toolbox : A webpage with a range of material to support better air quality in cities.

The air we breathe contains emissions from motor vehicles, industry, heating and commercial sources, as well as tobacco smoke and household fuels. Air pollution harms human health, particularly in those already vulnerable because of their age or existing health problems.

Tools for health impact assessment of air quality: the AirQ+ software.

Estimating how many diseases or deaths are caused by air pollution in a given population is the starting point to develop or adjust policies and measures that protect people’s health. AirQ+ calculates the magnitude of several health effects associated to exposure to the most significant air pollutants.

Access the tool: Air Q+

Video: From a live AirQ+ Webinar organised by the WHO Regions for Health Network

In the video, you will also find links to associated previous webinars for environment and heath tools.

Thanks go to Dorota Jarosinska and Pierpaolo Mudu for their work on the tool. The webinar is an initiative of Francesco Zambon, Coordinator, Investment for Health and Development in Healthy Settings, World Health Organization, European Office for Investment for Health and Development.