We all need to learn from research. The ‘City Know-how’ posts unlock lessons arising from the research published in the Cities & Health journal. Whatever your role, or interest, in cities, I hope you will find something stimulating, something of interest and maybe even something that you can put straight into practice.

Cities & Health is a journal dedicated to providing an innovative international platform for consolidating research and know-how for city development to support human health. The journal is committed to developing a shared evidence base and encouraging better communication between those involved with cities ‘on the ground’ and research communities.

As such the journal publishes papers and commentary from researchers and practitioners working to build new wisdom in supporting healthier cities for people and planet. You are invited to engage with, and help develop, Cities & Health through submitting commentary, views, case studies and research. You can find more information about Cities & Health here.

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Published 05/08/23

Wild Ways: understanding rewilding behaviour in urban gardens

A review of existing research on understanding rewilding behaviour by city residents in their gardens. We undertook a scoping review of…

Published 25/07/23

Can walking or cycling to and from schools contribute to students’ healthy physical activity?

Walking and cycling to and from schools can make valuable contributions to students’ physical activity and health, according to a…

Published 25/07/23

Green space creation and utilization linked to Healthy Cities policy in Japan: Local public-private partnerships

We found that through the integrated planning of public health and the provision of sufficient green spaces, the quality of…

Published 25/07/23

Measuring livability: a review of approaches in scientific research

A review of livability measures found that while it is defined inconsistently, there is much overlap in approaches and indicators….

Published 25/07/23

Impacts of urban stressors on women in Mexico City

Urban stress plays an important role in women’s psychological and physical health. This serves to highlight the importance of including…

Published 14/07/23

How to use Google Street View to study changes in neighbourhood disorder?

How do neighborhood changes affect health? We analyzed how to use Google Street View to study changes in neighbourhood disorder….

Published 14/07/23

The use of fuzzy modelling in making decisions that improve the desirability of neighbourhoods for their residents

In researching perceived environment and neighbourhood satisfaction, the main challenge in datasets can be data uncertainty. We use fuzzy logic to deal with this. One…

Published 13/07/23

Shade equity: Determining tree planting locations with suitability analysis

Rising temperatures and minimal shade coverage offer little escape from the sweltering heat some citizens endure in cities throughout the…

Street art depicting a cafe-like in what could be a town square, people of all ages and backgrounds have come together in a common task. This street art featured on a wall on Pythonos Street in the historic centre of Nicosia, but no longer exists. Credit: Photograph of street art, entitled ‘People of Cyprus’, by street artist Paparazzi.

Published 13/07/23

“You can’t change what you can’t measure”: auditing the micro-environment of Limassol neighbourhoods, Cyprus

Our Neighbourhood Observational Tool for auditing urban community environments, called CyNOTes, depicts unequal profiles of the neighbourhood micro-scale environment, highlighting…

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