How can we overcome the most common challenges when developing urban interventions that promote physical activity? We developed recommendations after interviewing professionals in Europe to understand their processes.

For the attention of: Public health professionals and urban planners

The problem: We have evidence on what interventions can promote physical activity in urban settings, but little knowledge on how to go about getting these interventions implemented.

What we did and why: We interviewed 13 professionals in Europe involved in developing or evaluating urban interventions that promote physical activity. We asked them about the processes they went through, who they involved, and what barriers and facilitators they faced when developing and implementing the projects or policies

What our study adds: We provide:

  • Evidence on the most useful approaches to take to get physical activity interventions successfully implemented in urban settings
  • Knowledge on the practical barriers that might be faced when developing these projects

Implications for city policy and practice: Acquiring support from the top of the appropriate political system is important for public health professionals and urban planners wanting to develop urban projects that improve physical activity. Co-designing interventions/projects with the populations that will be most affected is a very successful approach for obtaining public support for a project whilst ensuring that local needs are met

Full research article: Recommendations for developing urban interventions to promote physical activity: interviews with key informants in Europe by Prachi Bhatnagar, Stephen Whiting & Kremlin Wickramasinghe.